About Us

About UsA Hi-Tech Pest Services’ was established in 2003 with attentiveness to control pest in all areas starting from commercial, residential and industrial sites. Whether you are a warehouse, restaurant, hotel, educational institution, apartment building, food processing plant or other facility; we have all the experience and expertise to deal with your pest management needs. We are always sensitive to the environment by offering alternatives that are environmentally-friendly. That is one of our main concerns to our customers as we never forget we live in the same environment as you, and so do our next generation.

Our goal is to furnish the quality customer service and the most environmentally- friendly techniques available in the pest control industry. Our professionals are well-trained and all set to provide you with the most up-to-date and effective techniques available. We provide our customers with the correct and comprehensive solution to their problems whether routine or out of the ordinary.

Pests are the most destructive elements for any size of buildings or businesses structures. When the growing of the infestation is limitless it is too arduous administering a property or piece of real estate. By dint of our thorough experience and expertise we can make out that, the hard-to-reach and the hidden spaces serve as the breeding place of the pests to grow their colonies and attack the structure of your buildings. By means of our efficient procedure of pest-control management that reckons on “elimination”, and “prevention”, we’re free from doubt that we will give forth productive solutions to even your ample pest-problems.

Each customer’s property presents its own unique application approach depending upon the type of pests it is affected by as well as its structure. By employing the latest techniques, advanced integrated pest management, chemical and non chemical methods, our technicians advance a treatment plan distinctively for your individual needs that will help blotting out pests, while taking the intense care to conserve our environment. This is our sincere pledge to you!