Cocommercial Pest Control

Our ServicesA Hi-Tech Pest Services provides an extensive pest-control service to all kinds of industries starting from commercial business offices, wholesale and retail outlets. Our extensive service is effective to meet the needs and challenges of each and every customer’s specific environment. Our supportive service ensures that pest and other environmental hazards do not compromise with quality or productivity.

We offer commercial pest control services for…

  • Health Care
  • Educational institutions
  • Warehouses
  • Food manufacturing and restaurants
  • Commercial Properties

Residential Pest Control

Your biggest investment – your home – can be subject to unfavorable encroachment of annoying insect and rodent control to bed bugs, termites and bird proofing, here, A Hi-Tech Pest Services fixes up with value-augmented service to all its customers. Through our comprehensive procedures ‘Inspection’ starting at the initial level to ‘Identification’, followed by ‘Treatment’; – our service endeavors a-move-on resolution to a pest-problem in your home.

Eco-friendly Approach

A Hi-Tech Pest Services not only helps you get rid of pests but also it provides peace of mind by protecting the environment using a combination of environmentally-friendly approaches and pest-control-methods. We place an ample prominence on the study of the pest and its habitat, amalgamated with our six step program.

  • Inspection- identifying the pest and related problems.
  • Monitoring- Controlling the imperatives to figure out individual situations, done on a consecutive basis for adequate effects.
  • Sanitation- Recommending clients that they can administer to cut down an alluring pest surrounding.
  • Evacuation- maintaining proper documentation during onsite inspections.
  • Extermination- annihilating pest by undertaking different applications.
  • Exclusion- Sealing off all crevices and cracks of every door and window.